Marv Stipe is a second generation Charolais breeder.

The goals of the Stipe Charolais program were set based on economically important traits.  Those traits being sought after were short gestation, moderate birth weight, good growth with feed efficiency, cattle of proper size to produce optimum carcass, quality grade of choice, yield grade 1 or 2, and with a carcass range of 700-900 pounds.  The approach taken to calving ease, was use only sires yielding good results on yearling heifers while producing calves with good growth. Through involvement in the Monfort-Horton sire test and the National-Western Stock Show Fed Beef Contest, Stipe Charolais has demonstrated real progress in achieving goals set over 35 years ago.  For the past three decades Stipe Charolais have selected cattle to work for the rancher, cattle feeder, meat packer, and retailer.

We now sell over 100 bulls annually.